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Gordon Slattery
“No Hiding Place”

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No Hiding Place
Gordon Slattery's current CD "No Hiding Place" was recorded in Australia and Ireland and features a collection of twelve new songs which draw from a rich tapestry of jazz, pop, country, folk and traditional influences. Collaborating with him on this new collection are outstanding musicians John Conley, Stuart Cowell (Ireland), Rodney Ford, Matt Hanley, Marcus Holden, Michel Rose and Garry Steel. The songs are laced with delicately woven vocal harmonies from Clare O'Meara, Marcus Holden and Gary Poulton. The collection was engineered and mixed by Marcus Holden and mastered by Danny Golighlty in Sydney. Gordon Slattery's musical craftsmanship displays a refreshing and insightful artistry which has developed and matured over time beneath the radar of the dominant pop and jazz cultures.

About Me
Edinburgh musician, composer and songwriter. Born into a large musical family in Scotland, Gordon was child number eight. There was always a piano in the house and coal in the cellar. more